Jewellery Care

What is the wire made of?

Our current stock is made from premium quality wires with a copper core that have either a Gold, Rose Gold or Silver Plating.

How can I take care of my precious gems?

To make sure your incredible pieces last as long as possible please:

-Do not get your jewellery wet (this includes showering, swimming, going to the gym, etc).

-Ensure you put your pieces on after you have completed any skincare routines or sprayed any perfumes.

-Do not sleep in your jewellery (I know its tempting but we have tumbles that can be placed under you pillows if you need some bed time boosts)

-Remember that any prolonged exposure to high moisture, UV or chemical environments can and will shorten the life of your pieces and cause undue tarnishing.

-Certain levels of tarnishing is to be expected over time, all pieces shipped after December 2021 will include a polishing cloth which will improve the look of any pieces purchased. If you purchased a piece before this time, please contact us with your order details and we can send you one of our premium polishing cloths to ensure your pieces are taken care of as best they can be.


-If you have any more questions about our jewellery, please don't hesitate to contact us via our contact form or shoot us a text via 0481290038 and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.