Smoky Quartz | Chip Bracelet

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Ground and protect with Smoky Quartz!
Turn away and protect yourself from negative energies and emotional vampires by wearing this crystal in daily life. Smoky Quartz also helps to reduce panic and anxiety by releasing emotional blockages.
Use Smoky Quartz to absorb seemingly impossible obstacles, toxic energies and poor luck by standing with Smoky Quartz visualising all of the negativity draining out of you and into the earth so it can be cleansed and returned to you for positive use.
These Smoky quartz chip bracelets are strung on strong elastic, please avoid submerging them in water as this may reduce the life of the elastic.

Chakra: Root

Listing is for 1 chip bracelet intuitively selected for you. Each piece is unique & holds its own magick so there will be slight variations. All crystals have been cleansed with sage before shipping.