Moldavite | 1-1.5g Premium Quality

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The crystal that fell from the heavens!

Want to see what everyone is raving about? These stunning small pieces of Moldavite pack a massive punch and are here for you to help you shake things up, drastically change your view and get you purging your life of anything that isn't serving your highest purpose.

Being from Outer Space, these gorgeous pieces will sky rocket you into a higher wavelength of thinking and ensure that you're connected with the infinite wisdom of the universe.

Only found in the Czech Republic, these gorgeous pieces won't be around forever! The mines are drying up and it is becoming increasingly hard to find beautiful, high quality pieces such as these, Moldavite is definitely a worthwhile investment for any collector and energy workers alike.

All of our Moldavite comes straight from a Miner in The Czech Republic to ensure the highest quality and a guarantee of authenticity.

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye & Crown

All crystals are cleaned with White Sage before shipping to ensure they're ready to join your home!

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie McAvaney
I’m in love!

The moldavite is absolutely genuine and so gorgeous! Looking at it with the sun shining through is indescribable. Shipping was fast, especially considering the current conditions, and it came packaged with a stick of incense and a couple of other tiny goodies, which I loved.

Now I’m going to work on making a pendant to carry my new friend! So excited 😊